Friday, 16 May 2014

Globalism and the mainstream alternative

So we're half way through 2014 and it has been some time since I last posted on here. Fortunately I've been busy with the sustainable living project I have been working on since October of last year. And such has my life become that I find myself being wholly removed from the very political life I once lived.

This isn't to say that I have been ignoring unfolding events. The past few years have after all been something of an eye opener, having been involved in the Occupy movement and having found myself engaged in the environmental protection camps at Balcombe and for a few days at least, Barton Moss. 

Of course, very different the environmental movement and occupy is compared to my previous experiences of political activism. But if it has done anything it is to open my eyes to the very deep divisions that exist in this country.

My political roots are in nationalism. I wholly and fully comply with the argument that the process of globalisation is breaking down borders in a manner never seen before. With the result being the increasing transfer of power away from local, democratically elected bodies to unaccountable supranational governmental organisations.

All too often we're beginning to see that corporate interests are wielding an unhealthy influence over such organisations. And that as such the people are becoming more removed from the legislative process as consent to rule is replace by a requirement to be ruled, and the world is harmonised by global economic interests.

Of course, easy it is to see how concerns for the environment and anger at corporate greed could lead to a call for global action. Yet worryingly, what I have discovered is an increasing support for the very processes which transfer power to global governmental organisations. And inso doing, allow corporations to exert their influence over a market that has had all borders removed.

For decades now the people have been force fed the globalist agenda. It's in the music, it's on the TV, it's in the schools and the universities, it's in the workplace. It's everywhere you turn.

The one world, no borders cult mentality has consumed the west. Reducing people and culture to the lowest common denominator and making consumers out of once strong local communities. It's manifested itself everywhere. And nowhere more strongly than the alternative mainstream.

Regardless of the issue every major protest i've attended in the past two years has had its advocates of global government. Many of them are anarchists who have been heavily influenced by Karl Marx. Many of them are left leaning students and trade union members. But all have a firm belief that the problems with corrupt government and resource distribution need to be addressed globally.

Even at Occupy there were calls for the United Nations to be given tax making powers so that they might go after greedy bankers. But herein is my concern. That the very people who call for lower taxes and accountable government would willingly give tax making powers to a global government with no democratic authority.

Sure it would punish the bankers, but at what cost? And more to the point, what kind of precedent would it set? The solution in all cases is localisation and devolution of decision making powers to the very communities affected by those decisions. And if I'm honest I can't help but find myself wondering just who it is the left wing protest movement serves.

Corporate greed, income inequality, the environment; all are genuine issues. But it appears to me that increasingly these issues are being hijacked by those on the left looking for any old excuse to push the globalist agenda. 

It isn't enough that we recognise we're screwing the planet up, we want more globalisation they say. It isn't enough we recognise the corporations are turning us into targets for their made to fail products and that our wasteful existence isn't sustainable. The solution they say is more globalisation.

But of course, an alternative is only prescribed if it performs certain functions. And it seems, to me at least, that the mainstream protest movement has done very well. Providing the people with a nudge here and a nudge there so that they may one day ask for the very chains used to enslave them.

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Globetrotting Nationalist: An update.

Just a quick post to let you know that The Globetrotting Nationalist has been renamed The Wandering Saxon, and as such, is back online with video updates being added regularly. Should you want to catch up with what is going on you can do so by visiting:
As for The Danny Lake articles, I am going to keep it open as I may from time to time wish to add things to it. But for more regular updates, please visit The Wandering Saxon.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cannabis "Law": shit on it!!!

What a day it's been. This morning I reported an attempt to brake into my home. Which would normally involve a simple enough process of making a statement to Police. But no, upon arriving to take my statement, I was arrested.

What did I do you may ask? What did I steal? Who did I kill? Did I cheat anybody or commit a fraud? No. I'd forgotten about the 9 Grammes of my own cannabis (a Sativa. Hawaiian Snow to be exact) I had sat on my solid pine coffee table. Of course, they also found two baby cannabis plants (both of them Brainstorm) I hadn't forgotten about, but which wouldn't have been found had it not been for the Hawaiian Snow.

Anyway, upon being arrested and given a Caution for possession and cultivation of what The State calls a Class B Controlled Substance, I can't help but feel angry.

Some may ask why. After all, Statute Law is clear on this. But here is the problem. Possession and cultivation of Cannabis are both non Common Law offences. They are written down in Statute despite a clear failure by The State to prove a victim and as such are unlawful. Yet this is ignored. Time and again The State criminalises people for no other reason than the fact that they indulging in something given to them by nature.

The reality here is that because of The States irresponsible attitudes to cannabis use, those of us who are of the view that the law is an ass on the matter are forced to engage with criminals in a criminally controlled black market in order to obtain something that is as a result, completely unregulated.

So I grow my own. Or have been anyway. If only because the ability to certify the strains I'm producing, its soil and feed is the only way I can be sure I'm not going to become a victim of the unregulated market. It is the only way I can be sure that what I smoke is physiologically, psychologically and spiritually beneficial.

But still I am to be persecuted. Criminalised and branded on file as a "drug misuser" for eternity simply because I chose to engage in a tradition that goes back Millenia. A tradition celebrated by our Northern European ancestors for its spiritually soothing effects. It was after all not only associated with the ancient Nordic love goddess, but is a tradition which crosses all cultures the world over. And I feel is one that is under attack simply because the establishment are afraid that a free thinking public will begin to question more. But such is the world we live in. 

Vive la Révolution.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Taking the initiative: disengaging the system, embracing the realities.

As many of those reading this website will have concluded, the political systems which seek to shape the society in which we live have become corrupt. Quite often the habit, especially for political activists, is to behave reactively. To respond to failures in those systems as they happen, and in doing so, fail to take the initiative. 

This has to change. The political process isn't working, protest has become nothing more than an exercise in exercising ones democratic right to be ignored. And the only other option, revolution, is an option too frightening to consider.

This is however about taking the initiative and disengagement from those systems could be the alternative, if not the solution that we seek. 

Over the previous two years I've been researching the potential for developing a small community of like minded individuals. This research has taken me to all manner of strange places, and having seen first hand the efforts some have made to make their alternative a reality, has been a huge eye opener to the possibility of sensible, free thinking nationalist/anti globalists doing something similar.

Now working on the understanding that gardens only grow where seeds are planted, I am going to be seeking out a location for an Eco-home. The idea will be to reclaim disused land via adverse possession and provide a place where nationalists and genuine anti-globalists can meet in a safe and secure environment.

Naturally, there is a need to keep details to a minimum. But should you wish to contact me with a view to making use of what I will term a "safe haven", or even if there is any help or advice you can give, please leave a comment. What I will say is if you have a need for discretion, please say so and I will not publish any comment you make. Just be sure to let me know how to contact you, should you require a response.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Civilised yet revolutionary? Considering the question.

So as always time moves on. The incident in Woolwich has been and gone, and it is perhaps time to look at what has happened here and ask some questions as to the consequences of Woolwich and other events to have occurred.

Now don't be fooled. The conclusions most have drawn, whilst truthful in essence, are all too clearly designed, whether knowingly or otherwise to ratchet up the anger. These conclusions have largely been successfully delivered, even if somewhat unhelpfully. But I don't want to do that.

My aim, and I state this for a reason, is to make you think. It is not to incite violence, disorder or any other action which may be deemed a threat to life or society. But to get you to consider what you deem to be a justifiable and measured response to those powers in the world who continue to lead western man toward his downfall.

Now there are many organisations and individuals who would have you blame this all on terrorism. The perpetrator did after all stand there screaming Allah Akhbar whilst he butchered his victim. And he had, or so has been claimed, attempted to join Al Shabab, getting caught in the process and tortured by Police. However, this incident and others like it are the symptom and not the problem that we need to address.

The problem here is power and the manner in which it is enacted. At first that power was religious. But then it became political. And over centuries ordinary men and women fought those political powers just as they had the religious ones. And in doing so they secured principles such as freedom through the law and the secular way of life. But now the power changes hands once more. This time moving into the hands of the economists. And as a result we find ourselves asking if this power is one which needs to be curtailed. 

Now I'm not going to pretend that it is the politicians who call the shots. We all know the power rests with corporations and banking institutions of various descriptions. And that the free market is simply an elaborate justification for politicians to wash their hands of responsibility. So in accepting that we need to ask ourselves who benefits from this continued instability. And as always it is those very powers.

Guns can be sold, bombs dropped and pennies made for the tiny cabal of morally deformed corporate interests who maintain their grip on power with ruthless efficiency. And in the process the world can be reduced to a wasteland in the name of corporate greed and self interest.

Of course, in The West a problem has been imported. Invited into our homelands and offered the remnants of a once great land for bargain wages. The locals, thrown aside and left to fend for themselves in a job market which has been both privatised and globalised. Their communities vanishing before their eyes under a wave of imported slave labour. All in the name of corporate interests. 

The problem here is that this is a power with no name. We know the interests are economic and their power is enforced through political and financial institutions. But where as it might be simple to blame politicians, it all goes deeper.

Without a doubt this world is being manipulated. The unintended and all too clear consequences there for all to see. In the past the answer was revolution and assasination. But these days we have neither the means or the will to carry out such acts. And the consequences would after all be too dire to be considered by anybody of sound intellect.

That said though something needs to happen. And I suspect whatever that is it is something that won't be reasoned or logical. It will be something that will give the power all the justification it needs to enforce its global master plan. The legislation exists and the masses can, if nothing else, always be trusted to comply. After all, they wouldn't for one second think to rise up in violent revolution against those political and economic interests. Would they!?!


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Riots and Public Executions: A sign of things to come

Interesting times we're living in. I've been away for a while gathering my thoughts. Time though, as always, moves on. And events to have hit the news recently perhaps demonstrate that the time for thought collecting and self reflection is over.

You will already be familiar with the scenes of a dead young man laying helpless on the streets of our capital. In addition to this is the news of massive race riots in Sweden. The realities of the failed multicult experiment now clear for all to see. Easy it might be to react emotionally to these events. But before I continue I will point out that any response should be anything but. If only because the establishment are itching for the opportunity to arrest decent nationalists on convenient charges. There is after all a war going on here and the last thing the system wants is potential dissidents walking the streets.

At a quick glance this all looks clear cut. But what has to be considered here is the fallout. Clearly The Police are powerless to do anything, and our supposed government are too busy jerking their knees to do anything that will prove useful. The ball therefor, is in the publics court. But this is where it gets interesting.

As events in Sweden, and increasingly in the UK show, there are some all too clear dividing lines. On the one hand we have groups of well meaning nationalists and otherwise non political people standing up and taking unilateral action in order to protect their neighbourhoods. And on the other hand we have groups of mindless thugs taking advantage of the situation and using it as an opportunity to smash things up and go mad.

The problem here is that the issues have become so convoluted that nobody really understands what's going on or who to blame. But they know something isn't right. And unfortunately, it doesn't look like our governments are on the people's side here.

In Sweden it's ordinary men and women, tired of the carnage, who are being arrested. In the UK it's Facebook users getting jailed for making comments which fail to meet UK Governments cultural sensitivity guidelines.

Either way you look at this, safe to say that this will not quieten down soon. My advice to everybody at this point is to sit back and reflect on this. Think about your actions and refrain from doing anything stupid. The next few years are after all going to be extremely interesting. And I think I can speak for everybody when I say that every good nationalist will be needed.


To write, or not to write?

So I'm in a different place these days and was wondering if I should clean things up on here and start writing again :-)